CX Academy

Based in Dublin, Ireland – the CX academy strives to set the Professional Certification standard for Customer Experience learning. CX Academy believes that an intuitive knowledge of the Customer Experience is essential to the growth and prosperance of a healthy business.

CX is one of the fastest growing disciplines in business. There is a significant skills gap, and the appetite for increased CX excellence continues to accelerate. CX Academy has distilled years of knowledge from successful experts and research into courses that are setting the bar for for Customer Experience learning.

Conversion Kings

Based in Australia, Conversion Kings is a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency with a strong background in online marketing, proven conversion results, and high level industry experience. The Conversion Rate Optimization processes at CK are unparalleled. From product identification and strategy, to design, development, A/B testing, and implementation, CK has spearheaded profit growth for Nespresso, TigerAir, Laureate Australia, and many more.

The agency is data focused – it utilizes analytics from existing website traffic to drive fulfilment from existing customers. CK trains businesses to understand the new analytic processes that they place, so that organizations can continue to function healthily at the end of a revamporation.